Anime Boston!

WOO! ANIME BOSTON! We thought we missed it and we would not be there this year. Some days its good to be wrong, we were let in last minute and now we will be doing Anime Boston. Because this is so last minute we are not on there site (oh noes!) we are booth 354, on the map we are part of booth 350 where Anime USA. So come visit us!

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It has been a zoo behind the scenes here, making new products, playing with new ideas building the site. You should check it out, we got rid of our old product display system mostly it will be gone soon with a much nicer one replacing it. if you look at the top bar you can see several options. Everything that starts with “products” is stuff you can buy, the “- Jewelry” or anything else tells you specifically what it is, you can click it too see everything in that category, or mouse over and get a break down of whats in it and look at what specifically interests you.

Please look around and shoot over any feed back to we want it all good, bad, this was awesome, what were you thinking?, this does not work, ect. You name tell us, the more you tell us the better we can make it the better it.

Soon to come it some clothing(ok mostly bikini tops but we will have some skirts in the future), more jewelry, Dice bags, and one thing i have wanted to add forever purses.


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The Store

We have the store up and running at the moment it is limited in scope over the next few days we will be adding new products and sadly not all of them will have photos :-( . if you see something you like the sound of and there is no photo E-Mail Alex with, we will send you a photo as soon as possible or get one on the site and notify you. Once we have every thing on the site and arrange nicely we will be filling in our photographic holes.

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Holiday Season

Well on and all its the Holiday Season and we all know what that means. Well frankly it means too many things but here it means we still have as much work to do and even less time to do it. The store is up and running but not all products are there we are working on that. Once we upgrade our hardware we will go back and revise products to have more options and allow more customization. For Now Happy Holidays, which ever ones they happen to be.

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Gallery – WHEEEE!!

Ok the gallery is here and fully functional and the store…. *looks at a pile of tattered code* … will be along in the near future.

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LAC – Construction Finalizing

I know many of you have seen that post up for quite some time about the site. most of the work has been happing behind the scenes. We are in the final stages of construction elements of the site will start appearing to the public. The ultimate Goal is to have a fully functional store and pretty site before DragonCon.

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Welcome To Lost Art Chains

Hi All and thank you for visiting. LAC is currently not fully online as we here undergo a transition to Word Press for the sake of Alex’s sanity. We would say feel free to look around but at the moment what you see now may not be the case in 5 minutes. Feel Free To direct any questions comments or anything to Alex, he can be reached at or 413-519-9818.

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